Bishop Noll hosts cook off

April Sepulveda, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s cooking club comes to an end with their first cook off. The club held their cooking competition in March 9 in the STREAM lab. One team participated and cooked an original dish using hot plates and presented them to a panel of judges made up of administrators and teachers.

Junior Jayla Lee and her team of three won the cook off with their dish of crepes.

The club is sponsored by Mrs. Mayra Quiroz, guidance counselor, but is run by senior Jackie Garcia. The club started back in October of 2021.

“The purpose of the Cooking Club was to build a community among students by creating delicious meals together,” Quiroz said.

The club consisted of over 40 members, who met twice a month on Wednesday after school.

“At the time I wanted to get my degree in culinary arts but Noll doesn’t offer a home economics class, so my friend and Idecided to start a club to help people learn how to cook and bake different dishes,” said junior Jayla Lee.

In the club, students learned to make certain meals and learned to work together. 

“We made soup, breakfast, desserts, you name it,” Quiroz said. “I believe our students learned a lot but most importantly had fun and worked together as a team to make something delicious they could enjoy together.”

The Warrior Cook-Off was made up of teams with 2-5 members, who also participated in a cook- off where they challenged each other. 

“The Warrior Cook-Off was a competition where each team would make their own dish and serve it to the judges,” Lee said.

Although the club is done for the academic year, the members are excited to continue it next year. 

“My favorite thing about the club are the people. Everyone is nice and polite to one another,” Lee said.

Lee talks about how she is most excited for the future and what she learned in the club.

“I’m excited for the future of the club and getting more people involved in the club,” she said.“I’ve learned how to make better dishes and that a little goes a long way.”

“In the end, I believe we learned that the spirit of the Cooking Club is not about competition.  It’s about community, food, and friends,” Quiroz said.