Starved Rock is a perfect place for spring break getaway


Student photographer Yessenia Roman captures pictures of the starved rocks resort in Illinois on March 16. This picture shows the beauty that the resort and trail has and helps persuade people to go so that they could get out during summer break. “ well I was capturing everything that I had saw I couldn’t help it in my room and tell people to go to see the beauty that I had saw“

Yessenia Roman, Staff Reporter

Starved Rock state park on the Illinois River Bluff in La Salle County is one of Illinois’ most beautiful destinations with 30 miles of trails to explore.

Although the coronavirus is still active, this getaway which is only one hour and 30 minutes from him and is the ideal place to sightsee but still remains socially distance.

Starved rock has taken precautions so that all can take their minds off the bed and see the beauty and watch around. Justin arranger at starved rock said, “We do take the coronavirus seriously which is why we ask everyone to keep their mask on and have social distancing protocols. If those do not cooperate with the rules we need to keep everyone safe and healthy. So we will ask him to leave and they will be escorted off the premises.”

Starved rock has natural waterfalls and canyons for all to see and enjoy. Starved rock is also known for its steep stand stones canyons formed by glacial water. Several of them, including the St. Louis, French and Wildcat Canyon, have waterfalls.

They also have a wooden trail that leads to lovers Leap, overlooking views of the river and Starved Rocks Dam. Their parks wildlife include white tail deer, bald eagles and migratory birds.

Several Bishop Noll students recommend Starved Rock for its natural beauty. “ I have gone to starved rock with the coronavirus wasn’t happening,” said senior Briana Ibarra. “ When I did go, it was the best experience that I have had. There is so much wildlife and nature that you can’t help but admire it. I’ve heard of the precautions that Starved Rocks have with the coronavirus and I wouldn’t mind going back. For all of those who haven’t gone I would definitely recommend it.”

If you have nothing to do during spring break and you’d like to do a road trip to see beauty and get your mind off of the stress. Then consider visiting Starved Rock.