Reading to Elementary School Students

Nicholas Trinidad, Staff Reporter

Seniors read to 1st grade students


  Bishop Noll principal Lorenza Jara-Pastrick instituted a new program this semester for seniors to read to local elementary school students on Wednesday afternoons during Student Resource Time.

  This brought a lot of attention to certain students that were interested.

   “I feel this gives students a chance to connect with children and gives us a different audience to get comfortable around rather than high schoolers,” said senior Cori Whelan. “It helps with confidence.”

  The five seniors that read are split into groups and are assigned to read at the elementary school that they are given. Most of the students that are read to are in the 1st grade.

   Cori most recently read  “If You Take a Mouse to the Movies” and “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas” to St. John the Baptist first graders in Whiting, IN.  There will be many more stories read throughout the duration of the school year. Interested seniors can contact Mrs. Pastrick.