DNA Day 2022

Tayden Phillips (b), Student Editor

Bishop Noll’s biology club celebrates DNA Day every year on April 25 to “commemorate the completion of the “Human Genome Project completed in 2003, along with the discovery of DNA’s double helix, says Ms. Rebecca Dostatni, biology teacher and founder of the club.


This year, the club will celebrate by wearing DNA day themed t-shirts, decorating cookies with DNA designs, and  a chromosome scavenger hunt with a prize for a DNA kit.


The biology club was started to “keep students interested in biology as they move through their 10th-12th grade years,” says Dostatni. Students usually take biology during freshman year only, so the club serves as a way to keep interest in biology peaked.


Because of the pandemic, the club has not been able to go on their usual field trips to museums and the University of Chicago, but they are hoping to participate in more out-of-the-classroom events in the near future. 


DNA day aside, Dostatni’s main goal of the club is to have fun, and increase awareness of biology-related fields.