Student have to attend Homework Haven for missing assignments

Kevin Guerrero

On September 6, Bishop Noll students have been sent to Homework Haven if they had late assignments.

Homework Haven is a daily after-school program that aims to help students complete their homework.

According to Bishop Noll’s director of student services, Michael Roggenkamp, “During the summer, the administration was able to see the overall status of all students. To say the least, the grades weren’t holding up to who we are as a school.”

The school found that a big problem with these low grades were missing assignments. The solution that the school came up with was Homework Haven.

If a student does not attend their assigned day of Homework Haven, they are issued a detention. If this continues, then the student will be issued an in-school suspension. This is the first year of the school implementing this, so Roggenkamp says that there are still some kinks that both the administrators and students are working through.

Students in Homework Haven are required to complete missing assignments and turn them in. However, some teachers don’t accept later work. If this is the case, you won’t be required to turn them in.

Students who are struggling with classes or missing assignments are encouraged to attend NHS-sponsored tutoring. If you want to volunteer as a tutor, you can email Mrs. Mariann Laird at [email protected] or Mr. Roggenkamp at [email protected] for more information.

“Good grades build confidence,” Mr. Roggenkamp says, “and we want all our students to feel confident and ready to tackle the harsh reality once they graduate.”