Siblings dominate track team

Caitlyn Grcich, Editor-in-Chief

Siblings. Track stars. Best friends. Opponents? At Bishop Noll, the track team boosts an impressive number of siblings sets: 6 to be exact, with many of those siblings participating in the same events. Instead of looking at a sibling as a competitor, these sets see them as motivators and pillars of support.

According to junior Elizabeth Buksa, having her sister Mary beside her makes her strive to work and run even harder.

Elizabeth, who runs the 800 and participates in shot-put typically sometimes goes head-to-head with her freshman sister, who also runs 800 in addition to the mile and two-mile. Elizabeth says the rivalry was bound to happen because they knew they were both going to run track in high school. However, that rivalry insight not only benefits to push one another further, but it also adds a little fun for themselves and their fellow teammates.

I think it is funny because everyone calls us the opposite name, especially when we are running (because we look exactly alike),” Elizabeth said. “The team notices our rivalry as well because when my sister and I race each other, people yell, ‘Which Buksa sister is going to win?’’”

Along with the Buksas are the Kelleys, Leonard (junior) and Lee’Vonte (senior); the Hewletts, Payton (senior) and Paris (freshman); the Mendozas, David (junior) and Oscar (freshman); the Hamptons, Kynnidy (junior) and Kaitlyn (freshman); and the Jacksons, Faith (senior) and Brianna (sophomore). For the Jacksons, who are sprinters, it was never a coincidence to be on the same team.

“We both are fast so we just joined track,” Faith said. “I’m the oldest and I did track first so I expected her to follow after me”.

When it comes to sibling rivalry for the Jacksons, it appears to be non-existent. Brianna participates in the 60-meter dash and the 4×2 relay. Faith, a State qualifier, runs the 60 and 100-meter hurdles and the 4×2 relay along with her sister.

“We never had sibling rivalry because we already know who is faster,” said Brianna.

Faith echoed this sentiment, saying, “There is no competition, lol, she knows I’m faster”.

Bishop Noll’s reputation for boasting a strong track team with esteemed alumni garnering scholarships for their abilities was a key selling point for both the Buksas and the Jacksons, with track at the forefront of their high school careers.


For veteran coach and Bishop Noll Admissions Director Nancy Repay, the strong link between the siblings helps the team win ribbons, and she notices a strong team dynamic as a result.