Fridays are for fun

Matt Feddeler, Staff Reporter

The Student Council set up a Feel Good Friday event for virtual and in person students for this week. The student council wanted to do something to help keep up student morale, and decided to start by having Feel Good Friday activities once a month. This week’s event is inspired by art. 

“Ms. Gwiazda and Mrs. Pastrick were essential in starting this event this week,” said student council president Ariana Ferreira.

“The art project that is going to take place is a Bob Ross Style BNI themed painting,” said Mrs. Gwiazda. When Mrs. Pastrick tossed up the idea of an all school painting event, she immediately began planning something out. 

The plan is for all students and teachers to receive an art kit that consists of a canvas and paints. The students and staff will then watch a video that Mrs. Gwiazda has made and then can begin getting creative. The virtual students will be able to be involved in the event by picking up their art supplies so they can take part in the painting. Once everyone is done painting, students and staff can share their art on a google form. 

“Creating art can be very therapeutic and appreciating art is good for the soul,” said Mrs. Gwiazda. “Whether we are appreciating what we have created, what other people have created or what God has created.” 

More of these Feel Good Friday events are hopeful to take place in the near future. 


Nina Qureshi