New Biology teacher brings innovation to freshman class

April Sepulveda, Staff Reporter

On a sunny beautiful day Ms. Bianca Bernal, biology teacher, sits at her desk in her new classroom. There, she sits admiring all she has accomplished as a new teacher. Being able to connect with her students and having them like biology class. Being able to make class fun.

Bernal is a new biology teacher this year at Bishop Noll. Not only is she a new teacher at Noll, but this is also her first year teaching. Last year,  at Bishop Noll, which is a big reason why she chose to come to Bishop Noll. She loved the environment at BNI and knew she wanted to stay a part of it. When the opportunity knocked on the door she knew she had to take it. 

Bernal grew up in St. John, Indiana and went to Lake Central High School. Forcollege, she attended Purdue University Northwest and studied biology as her main focus. 

“I had a great biology teacher in high school who really made the subject interesting,” Bernal said. “After her class, I knew that whatever I ended up studying in college had to have biology as a main focus.”

Bernal didn’t always think of being a teacher. She originally wanted to be an ER doctor. But at the end of her sophomore year she realized that she didn’t want to do that, but instead teach.

She doesn’t regret her choice saying, “Now I cannot be any happier with my career choice.”

Bernal’s teaching style is what sets her apart from other teachers. She describes her teaching style as supportive and interactive. 

“Ms. Bernal’s teaching style makes it easier to understand what we are learning. She goes slow while teaching just enough but is able to make it fun too. She mixes fun activities with lessons that make the class fun,” said one of her students Melanie Chavez, freshman. Bernal also has a unique way of relating to students.She is able to take time out of her day to have a conversation with her students about their day. She makes you feel like the spotlight of the world. 

“By actively listening to students when we have a conversation, regardless if it is about Biology. Sometimes the best way to relate to students is to understand where you are coming from and what’s going on in your life,”Bernal said. “When I know students’ interests I can start making analogies between what students are interested in and what we are learning in class.” 

Chavez saids that Bernal is different from other teachers because she relates to her students and she’s able to laugh with Ms.Bernal. Sometimes laughter can be the best medicine in people’s day. 

“I like how students can have a normal conversation about anything with her. She is one of those teachers that you can trust telling what went wrong in your day to,” said Chavez.“The atmosphere in the class is fun, it makes you excited to go to her class everyday!”